LaSalle’s Labatt Brewery adopts sustainable approach for environment

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Firmly committed to the programme, “A Better World” launched in 2007 by parent company InBev, LaSalle’s Labatt Brewery has adopted measures aimed at reducing waste, conserving water, improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gases, thanks to energy savings. It took part in Waste Reduction Week to promote its practices and efforts, and in 2007, managed to recycle 94% of its waste matter.

LaSalle’s Labatt Brewery adopts sustainable approach for environment

Three Rs for conservation: reduce, re-use and recycle

The LaSalle Brewery recycles material that it uses in its manufacturing processes. It recovers more than 95% of its consumer containers and related materials. Secondary post-consumer packaging is also recovered. Beer cartons are compressed, reduced to bales, and then sold to paper manufacturers. Bottle caps are melted and then recycled. In 2007, the LaSalle Brewery recycled 10,236,900 kilos of paper converted into bales and 33,761 kilos of plastic. It recycled 35,439,403 kilos of cereals in Quebec farms, enough to feed 2300 cows who are fed only cereals that come from the brewery. It also recycled 2,764,131 kilos of yeast.

Multiple-refill bottles

Labatt is proud of its role in the development and launching of the multiple-refill bottle, known today as the “bottle of the Canadian brewing industry”. It is cleaned and re-used more than 15 times and more than 95% of re-usable bottles sold by Labatt are returned.

Water conservation measures

Between 2005 and 2007, the LaSalle brewery realised water savings of 35%. It has brought about numerous improvements in water conservation techniques, a critical resource in several stages of the manufacturing process, of which cooling and cleaning are a part. The LaSalle brewery ensures that its used water complies or exceeds the standards imposed by the City of Montreal, and has encouraged its suppliers to use chemical-free materials and to avoid using prohibited by-products.

The LaSalle company is the only Labatt brewery in North America to have built its own water treatment installations. It takes its water supply directly from the St. Lawrence River. It treats the water and uses it for manufacturing beer.

Energy measures

From 2005 to 2007, the LaSalle brewery reduced its combustible quantities by 30% - used to manufacture one hectolitre of beer. As for electricity, the brewery diminished its electrical consumption by 6%, thanks to the electricity savings programme.

Backed by a Canadian heritage which dates back to as early as 1847, Labatt has more than 3,000 employees and six breweries, and delivers more than 60 beer brands to consumers.

Organisations: Labatt, City of Montreal, LaSalle

Lieux géographiques: Quebec, North America, St. Lawrence River

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