PQ Government still wearing rose-coloured glasses

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Marceau 2014-2015 Budget

Following the tabling of the 2014-2015 budget by the Minister of Finance, the MNA for Marguerite-Bourgeoys, Robert Poëti, says that the PQ government is still trying to hide reality from Quebecers and postpone the bad news resulting from their poor management of the economy and finances after the elections.

“We are dealing with a government that is wearing rose-coloured glasses and that is not listening to Quebecers. It is turning a deaf ear and refusing to hear the cries of alarm from economists, from former PQ Premier Jacques Parizeau, from the Auditor General of Quebec and from Quebecers. All families make budgets and know they need two columns: one for income and the other for expenses. So how is it that the government, which manages taxpayers’ money, is only presenting one column? We were not permitted to see the expenditures and the Auditor General of Quebec was not allowed to verify them. So on one side, expenditures are not disclosed and, on the other side, the income column does not pass the credibility text of several observers. Is that a transparent government?” asked Robert Poëti.

Marceau’s 2014-2015 budget contains no plans for the regions, agriculture and forestry, and it confirms the abandonment of the Plan Nord. As for municipalities and school boards, the government has decided to continue to ask them to dig into taxpayers’ pockets. The $100 million in school taxes that the public had to recoup will finally be spent. To this is added the fact that SMEs, which represent 50% of jobs in Quebec, have also been forgotten. The health sector will be gravely affected as well. With an increase in spending brutally limited to 3%, we must expect significant cuts in services.

The past foretells the future. Minister Marceau’s first budget, which dates back to November 2012 and aimed for a zero deficit as of this year, is not worth the paper it was written on. The government has lost control of spending. The more time passes, the more electoral announcements the PQ government makes, the deeper the deficit becomes and the more the debt grows. Clearly, the PQ’s poor economic record and their feeble management are hurting Quebecers financially.

“The PQ government has not kept its promise to achieve zero deficit and it has not listened to middle class families, preferring to dig into the pockets of these families to increase childcare cost from $7 to $9 and the Hydro-Québec rate by 5.8%. For a family with two children, that adds up to more than $1,000 a year. Who benefits from this budget? Nobody! When we weaken ourselves economically, when we take on debt irrationally, the prosperity that should belong to Quebecers vanishes into the pockets of American bankers. We are worried. Will the government will choose to hide and to escape into an election or will it accept a real debate in the National Assembly on this poor and incomplete budget,” concluded Robert Poëti.

Source: PLQ Marguerite-Bourgeoys

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